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The Best SEO Tools (2020)

Interested in optimizing your website for search engines? Then you’ll need the best SEO tools for 2020 to get discovered!

Well look no further.

We’ve tried and tested plenty of SEO tools so you don’t have to! In this post, we’ll compare and contrast our favorite SEO tools and best of all, include helpful links to all of them!

Google Trends (Free) - Keyword Trends

Google Trends tool showing keyword trends

Google Trends is a free tool offered by Google that visually shows what the world is searching for. Google Trends is best used for researching untapped keywords and new content opportunities, as the tool shows keyword popularity over time (up to 5 years). 

google trends showing related search queries

Possibly our favorite feature of this tool, is the ability to learn insights for rising keyword opportunities under the “related queries” section. This data can be extremely useful for targeting local keywords and up- and-coming keyword opportunities. 

Moz Pro (Paid) - Keyword Rankings

Moz Pro SEO Tool Website

Showing up for the right terms and keywords in Google SERPs is critical for reaching a broader audience. After all, these are the ideas and topics searchers are using to find your brand. When it comes to understanding these phrases and terms, Moz is among the best keyword tracking solutions. Moz’s paid version, called Moz Pro, costs around $180/month, and offers a plethora of keyword tracking features. 


Key Features of Moz: 

Moz’s keyword tracking allows you to discover and track keywords that people are using to find your site. This tool shows current rankings, search volume and difficulty. After performing your keyword research, you can compile them in a campaign or keyword list to track your progress. 

  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Rankings
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Crawler Error Audit
  • On-page Research
  • Back-link Research

Screaming Frog (Free) - Site Crawler

screaming frog web crawl example

Crawling a website to analyze on-page opportunities and technical issues is a critical step of the SEO audit process. 

A spider, otherwise known as a web crawler or search engine bot, is a software program designed to crawl entire websites and harvest information quickly.

Search engines use these bots to crawl millions of websites daily to obtain information about their pages. If the pages are deemed valuable for users, the algorithm will “index” the page for future use. 

Screaming Frog is an extremely robust spidering tool that is able to crawl entire websites in real-time. This tool provides valuable SEO insights including: index status, word count, titles, metadata, headers, page response time, image alt text, anchor text and much more. 

You can download the basic version of Screaming Frog for free and crawl up to 500 URLs at a time, but we definitely recommend the licensed version. The paid option allows you to fetch unlimited urls and integrate with Google Analytics, Search Console and other SEO tools, giving you the best picture of your SEO efforts.  

Ahrefs (Paid) - Backlink Explorer

While the debate continues whether to use Ahrefs or Moz for keyword tracking, there’s no denying that Ahrefs offers the better back-link tracking and growth monitoring. 

In case you are unfamiliar, back-links are one-way hyper-links from external websites to your website. Backlinks are considered a top SEO ranking factor, and signal to Google that your site is trustworthy. These backlinks are especially important if the external link is from an authoritative site such as a publication, .gov, edu, or .org website. 

Ahrefs gives digital strategists the ability to monitor backlinks, competitor high performing pages and discover content


Key Features of Ahrefs: 

  • Link Prospecting
  • Broken Backlink Checker
  • Backlink Monitoring
  • Content Opportunities
  • Keyword Research
How to Download Yoast SEO Plugin With Walk Through

It should come as no surprise that WordPress sites have zero SEO functionality out of the box. That’s where popular SEO plugin Yoast truly shines.

This easy to use plugin allows you to customize meta tags, content and will even provide an optimization score of your content. What makes it a must have though is that all of these features are free!


Key Features of Yoast:

  • Keyword Optimization
  • Schema.og Markup
  • Duplicate Content Checker
  • Outdated Content Checker
  • Google Preview
  • Generate Sitemaps
  • Customize Meta Tags

Black Hat SEO

TRIPPER and its digital team are strictly against using black hat SEO tactics. This includes link purchasing, back-link farming, adding cloaked or masked content and keyword stuffing. For more information, we recommend reading up on Google’s best practices

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