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About TRIPPER Media

We're a unique agency brand that was started with one goal in mind – to help brands maximize their digital presence.


Our Squad

Emily Humm

Designer + Social

Tanner Humm

Designer + SEO Expert
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Cali Humm



Your Brand's Journey

Whether a brand is just beginning its digital journey or quickly traveling in the wrong direction, we help businesses reach their ideal destination. Visitors will get lost wandering your site, taking in the sights and scenery, while driving lead generation and traffic to your business. 

Our agents will plan ahead to ensure connections are met and travelers experience an all-inclusive stay on your website. So, sit back and relax, while we make your digital marketing experience as smooth, stress-free and fun as possible!


The TRIPPER Approach

When it comes to web design and digital marketing, we do it differently, because we believe that in order to beat the competition, you have to stand out. 

We custom design all of our client websites and quantify business goals and objectives, so you can track sales and lead generation growth.  

The Origin of Our Unique Name

To us, a TRIPPER is someone who travels not just to reach the destination, but to experience the journey along the way. Our unique name was inspired from our deep love for traveling and that special feeling you get when exploring somewhere foreign for the first time. 

We help emerging brands capture that same wonder with their digital presence and maximize “travelers” time on your website. Get a better feel of our company by viewing our previous clients and work.

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